Wall Mount Aluminum Modern Mailbox

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The Wall Mount Aluminum Modern Mailbox is a high quality silver pearl 2mm aluminum mailbox made in New Zealand and proven in the Pacific Coast elements for over two decades. A sustainable and weather proof mailbox design you will grow to appreciate over time. Box Design mailboxes are more than a mailbox. 

Engage and embrace your letterbox and curb appeal. Box Design mailboxes reflect your style, your family and your home.  Choose a modern mailbox that fits your home design and architecture.

Wall Mount Mailbox:

  • Measurements: 10.2" wide x 15.7" tall x 7.1" deep (see below).
  • Made in New Zealand and manufactured from 2mm silver pearl aluminum & exterior ACM.
  • Lock supplied with two keys for security. Mailboxes with locks may be used and left unlocked.
  • Waterproof for large A4 capacity.
  • Back pre-drilled for mounting to vertical surfaces (brick, concrete, wood, etc.).
  • An optional red acrylic flag may be added.
  • Can be mounted in a timber fence, solid wall or grouped for condos and apartments.

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              10.2" Wide 



         7.1" Deep



             15.7" Tall


Simple to install.  Sleek design.  Solid and secure.
Not a copy but the original design by Kelly Hall, New Zealand, since 1999.