Smart Modern Mailboxes Made in New Zealand
 Simple to install. Sleek design. Solid and secure.


GIve your yard a fresh look.

Modern Black Mailbox Casing Series


Create Curb Appeal

Modern Metro Mailbox

Metro Mailbox

Ideal for solid walls or free standing on a pole.

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Modern Urban Stainless Steel Mailbox

Urban Stainless Steel

Purchase your new mailbox in the durable and attractive stainless.

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Modern Letterman Mailbox Series

Letterman Series

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Not a copy. Original design by Kelly Hall, New Zealand, since 1999.
Curb appeal matters. Founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, Box Design has been delivering modern mailboxes all over North America for the last two decades. Post mount and wall mount mailboxes available in different designs and colors to suit your style. Modern + Smart mailbox solutions.
Box Design modern mailboxes have stood the test of time. Our  Urban and Rural modern mailboxes are available in a silver pearl zincalume casing, black powder coated zincalume casing, or a  316 marine grade stainless steel casing. The zincalume casing combines the corrosion protection of aluminum with the sacrificial protection of zinc, giving the advantages of both metals. Our Metro and Wall Mount modern mailboxes are made of a 2mm aluminum powder coated silver pearl casing. Box Design modern mailbox doors are made of an ACM (aluminum composite material) designed to be immuned to changing weather. Our modern mailbox posts are available in a standard or robust silver powder coated steel, black powder coated steel or a solid stainless steel post.