Modern Mailbox Flag

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This red, acrylic Flag is an option for any Box Design Modern Mailbox. If you order it with your mailbox, we will affix (rivet) it for you. 

Measurements:    6" Long x 2" Wide

Forgot to order it with your mailbox? it's an easy home project that takes just a couple of minutes. 1) Position the flag and mark the hole. 2) Drill the hole with a suitalbe bit made for aluminum/stainless steel. 3) Line the flag hole up with the mailbox hole you just drilled. 4) Attach the flag with the rivet or the stainless nut, bolt, and washer supplied with the flag.

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Forgot to order a post? Box Design mailboxes give you three options: standard, robust, or stainless steel. The Letterman series offers an optional stainless steel pole made specifically to work with these modern mailboxes.

Did you realize that most Box Design Mailboxes come in your choice of 10 colors? Consider traditional colors like black, white. or silver. Or go bold with, yellow, red, blue, or orange. Maybe subtle suits your style? Try timber veneer, chocolate, or green.

Most Letterman mailboxes are available in black, white, silver, green, or stainless steel.